Welcome to Freelance Surgical Ltd!

Welcome to the landing page of the Freelance Surgical website. Our company tag line "family values corporate world" epitomises our attitude. For Veterinary Surgical Equipment, please visit the green link below. For Tourniquet cuffs, or Anaesthesia and ITU products, please visit the purple link below. We also repair and restore medical equipment onsite, if it's pre-owned medical equipment you're looking for, please visit the pink link below.

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  • Hospital

    Comprehensive Tourniquet range including Digital 9000 Machine, Reusable, Limited Use & Disposable Cuffs, Padding, Drapes & Exsanguination Devices. Difficult Airway Equipment such as the Manujet III, Jet Ventilation Catheter, Quicktrach, Surgicric & LTS-D. We also supply the Olympic Vac Pac patient positioners and Safersonic Ultrasound Drape.

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  • Veterinary

    Suppliers of veterinary Orthopaedic Implants, TTA, TPLO, Internal fixation, IMEX and vetLOX. Orthopaedic power tools, Endoscopy including flexible scopes, Rigid Arthroscopes, Laparoscopes, Camera systems, insufflators and the Vetseal vessel sealer. Orthopaedic and general instrumentation and operating room equipment including lights, tables monitoring and anaesthesia.

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  • Pre-Owned

    An extensive range of pre-owned equipment from orthopaedic power tools to flexible endoscopy. General operating theatre medical equipment, camera units, microscopes, pre-hospital and x-ray equipment are a small example of what we can offer. All items supplied are safety and function tested prior to dispatch and most equipment carries at least a sixty day warranty.

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